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Angular Weekly

Weekly newsletter for Angular pros. Carefully curated by Andrey from Jexia.

Angular Weekly

Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.


Introducing the Angular CLI

6 minutes -
The Angular CLI is the official tool for initializing and working with Angular projects.

TypeScript types deep dive

Epic journey of discovery into the mysterious world of TypeScript's type system.
Part 1 discusses the TypeScript types basics (13 minutes). Part 2 discusses how TypeScript models the absence of value and how it helps live in a world with null and undefined (10 minutes). Part 3 discusses how to use types in functions within TypeScript (17 minutes).

Angular guide to data binding & directive

7 minutes -
Learn how to apply data binding in Angular and how to work with the NgFor and NgIf Directives.

Smaller HTML payloads with service workers

9 minutes -
Many developers know that you can use service workers to cache web pages (and their sub-resources) in order to serve those pages to users when they’re offline. And while this is true, it’s far from the only thing that service workers can do to improve the performance and reliability of a website.

Scully, the first static site generator for Angular

7 minutes -
Scully let's us prerender Angular applications as static sites which are easily deployed to any web host like Netlify.

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Type narrowing in TypeScript

7 minutes -
This blog post is to share a TypeScript tip I've picked up while creating a new programming language: type narrowing.

My confusions about TypeScript

4 minutes -
I've run into a few significant frustrations that have really slowed me down, and I'm hoping some of my much more experienced TypeScript DEV friends will be able to help me figure them out!

Expressions and IQueryables in TypeScript

7 minutes -
I will show a way to query external data sources in a way that is close to LINQ and the IQueryables of C#.

Embedding SVG files in a JS bundle using Webpack

5 minutes -
Recent issues with the internet in Tajikistan made me think about the loading speed of my online dictionary Vazhaju.

Separate the beat from the lyrics w/ Deezer’s spleeter

5 minutes -
Introducing an app separating vocals and accompaniment given an audio file. The app is delivered in a Docker image and uses HTML, JavaScript, Python and Deezer’s spleeter SOTA algorithm to perform the separation.


Using pipes with ngx-translate

6 minutes -
Angular delivers it’s own i18n (internationalization) API. Although the implementation is already very extensive and mature, some use cases are not covered.

Routing of an Angular component

4 minutes
- Angular Router enables navigation from one view to the next when user clicks over the navigation links.

Angular Material pagination datasource

8 minutes -
We’re developing a reactive datasource for the Angular Material library that’ll be reusable for many different paginated endpoints.

Exploring the HttpClientModule in Angular

16 minutes -
Understand how the HttpClientModule actually works behind the scenes and find answers to some questions that might have arisen while using this module.

Form validation with ControlValueAccessor

4 minutes -
How to use ControlValueAccessor to integrate your UI components into the form validation and how to control the error state in an Angular material input using ErrorStateMatcher.

NestJS + gRPC: a multi microservices example

7 minutes -
Implementing two services that are sending a request and receiving a response of an object. Full source code is available on GitHub.


    The Datum data binding library

    13 minutes -
    Datum is a simple data binding library that combines a template and a view model in a simple, testable manner.

    My favorite web features of 2019

    12 minutes - H
    ave a look at this list to learn about 2019's interesting web developments.

    Solandra, a TypeScript algorithmic art framework

    4 minutes -
    Solandra is an open-source TypeScript-first framework for creating algorithmic art. Leveraging HTML Canvas, Solandra provides a rapid development framework for creating art.

    Diving deeper into Cypress commands and selectors

    4 minutes -
    Diving into the mechanisms of Cypress. By doing so, we can avoid some troubles along the way and make our tests run better.


    The micro frontend conundrum

    5 minutes -
    When your frontend becomes a monolith...

    Frontend tech choices I'm making in 2020

    5 minutes -
    I’ve picked out a few libraries, languages or ideas that I’m looking forward to trying in 2020.

    Micro front-end architecture — design principles

    6 minutes -
    I personally feel that micro (service) architecture has officially made it’s way over to front end architecture.

    Academic article

    Privacy by granular separation of user IDs

    10 minutes -
    Paranoid aims to allow users to regain control of their personal data. We explore a new paradigm of designing web services to present personal data on HTML webpages without having access to the data itself, with the assumption that the web service is untrusted.


    GraphQL bootcamp video playlist

    Warning: this bootcamp takes 10 hours in total.

    Slide deck: from monolith to micro-frontend

    6 minutes.

    About me and my Angular project

    Angular Weekly is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for ambitious Angular developers. I’m Andrey, working from Kharkiv (Ukraine) to help building Jexia, an Amsterdam cloud hub for front-end engineers. With Jexia, you do not need a back-end engineer anymore to build your web apps.
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