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Release Angular 9 BY STEPHEN FLUIN

11 minutes - The 9.0.0 release of Angular is here! This is a major release that spans the entire platform, including the framework, Angular Material, and the CLI.

Additional reads to grasp the update quickly:


6 minutes - A look at how the TypeScript signature for zipWith works.

Announcing TypeScript 3.8 RC BY DANIEL ROSENWASSER

17 minutes - TypeScript 3.8 brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more.

Demystifying a TypeScript quirk BY MATTHEW MILLER

3 minutes - I recently read Asana’s blog post on TypeScript quirks and took particular interest in the first TypeScript quirk they mention. While it may seem like an inconsistency, the way the type system behaves here is entirely logical.

Redux core concepts you need to know BY ALEX RITZCOVAN

7 minutes - Redux is advertised as "A Predictable State Container for JS Apps."

Assertion signatures and Object.defineProperty BY STEFAN BAUMGARTNER

5 minutes - In JavaScript, you can define object properties on the fly with Object.defineProperty. This is useful if you want your properties to be read-only or similar.

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Spy on Redux actions by type BY AJ ZANE

2 minutes - When testing Angular components that use Redux, it’s really important to make sure that correct actions are being dispatched with proper payloads.

What I have learned about SEO BY JAN-WILLEM BOBBINK

6 minutes - From using the 10 most used JS frameworks.

Right file structure for Angular in 2020 BY MATHIS GARBERG

6 minutes - In 2018, I wrote the article How to define a highly scalable folder structure for your Angular project. Since then, two years have passed, and there have been several changes in the Angular landscape.

9 things I learned building the same app BY TJ VANTOLL

16 minutes - I rewrote an Angular app with React to compare and contrast Angular and React app development.

From Flow to TypeScript using flow-to-ts BY KENNETH SKOVHUS

6 minutes - Over the last couple of years, I have been migrating several codebases from Flow to TypeScript with minimal effort. In this post, I will describe my motivation and the approach I would recommend.


RxJS in Angular: Part 1 BY ARMEN VARDANYAN

7 minutes - Anyone working on an Angular app should at least be familiar with RxJS. Actually the framework itself is built, using RxJS and around some of its concepts.

Connecting Angular components BY MATT ELAND

8 minutes - In this article, we’ll bring an Angular user interface to life by using two-way binding, events, event emitters, services, and subscriptions.

Create your own Redux with RxJS BY RISHABH KARNAD

6 minutes - Basic concepts of reactivity and the RxJS library, and how the Redux store can be implemented using RxJS.

Using *ngIf else in Angular applications BY NWOSE LOTANNA VICTOR

6 minutes - How to use the *ngIf else directive in Angular to perform comparisons in your Angular apps.

Using TypeScript with Express - Part 13 BY MARCIN WANAGO

5 minutes - Using Mongoose virtuals to populate documents.

More tutorials:



3 minutes - I’ve created a short 5 minute collection on egghead to detail some of the features that look helpful.

Yarn 1 vs Yarn 2 vs NPM BY KRIS GUZMAN

7 minutes - Putting Yarn 1, Yarn 2, and NPM through the paces and comparing them for use at Infinite Red.

Client-server communication and data layout sharing BY GUILHERME BERNAL

The sdkgen is a tool that aims on solving client-server communication and data layout sharing between server, web, android and ios using a description language also called sdkgen.

Structured logging framework for JavaScript BY JAMIE CONNOLLY

Inspired by Serilog.


Where to place RxJs operator take(1)? BY GEORGI PARLAKOV

2 minutes - Looking at two examples of (pseudo) RxJs observable chain, does it matter where we put the take operator?

Does your web app need a framework? BY MAX PEKARSKY

19 minutes - In this post, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the problem front-end frameworks are trying to solve and when you might want to use one.

Academic articles


20 minutes - Our paper demonstrates that securing JIT compilation is not sufficient. We present a proof-of-concept data-only attack against a recent version of Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey JIT in which the attacker only corrupts heap objects to successfully issue a system call from within bytecode execution at run time.

Implicit functions --> abstraction opportunities BY JONATHAN BRACHTHÄUSER & DAAN LEIJEN

15 minutes - We introduce two new language features, called implicit functions and implicit control. Both generalize implicit values which are a typed implementation of dynamic binding. Implicit functions are a small extension that creates new opportunities for abstraction while avoiding the need for full continuations in the implementation. We hope to see more languages that will support this feature.

Fault localization and bug-fix types in JavaScript BY BÉLA VANCSICS, ATTILA SZATMÁRI & ÁRPÁD BESZÉDES

12 minutes - Spectrum-Based Fault Localization (SBFL) is a statistical approach to software fault localization, and there have been numerous studies performed that tackle its effectiveness. However, mostly Java and C/C++ programs have been addressed to date.


Full-stack Angular in action BY KYLE CORDES

54 minutes - Kyle Cordes demos the creation of an Angular+Node+Nest+GraphQL project.

Boost RxJS experience with custom operators BY CHRIS TRZEŚNIEWSKI

Duration: 31 minutes

Refactor vanilla NgRx BY GREGOR WOIWODE

Duration: 47 minutes

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