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Angular Weekly #88

Weekly curated resources for professional Angular developers


Handling HTTP operations in Angular

10 minutes - And how to work with observables.

TypeScript enums: How and when to use?

12 minutes - How do TypeScript’s enums work and what can they be used for?

Angular: services and dependency injection

8 minutes - Learn how to use services and dependency injection to improve your Angular development by making it modular, extensible and loosely coupled.

Adding special values to types in TypeScript

4 minutes - How we can add special values to base-level types.

The Observer design pattern with TypeScript

4 minutes - The Observer pattern is common among various native JavaScript features and many libraries.

How ECMAScript private fields work in TypeScript

4 minutes - Let's have a bit of a dig into how a new TypeScript feature works

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

One repo to rule them all

7 minutes - How can you start setting up a monorepo and what tools are required to do so? Having to manage all this code in one repo can be really tedious to set up but this is where Nx comes into play!

Why we use web components

3 minutes - Listing the main reasons why web components work so greatly for Duet Design System.

TypeScript's secret parallel universe

5 minutes - Almost four years ago, I was a new TypeScript user, amazed by the possibilities that this freshly learned JavaScript dialect opened up to me. But just like every TypeScript developer, I soon ran into some hard-to-debug problems

Angular 2+: base component alternative

3 minutes - A talk about a different base component approach in the Angular.


TypeScript Pick 'n Mix

12 minutes - In this article, I discuss how the Pick utility type can help satisfy the Interface Segregation Principle in TypeScript.

How to protect routes in Angular

9 minutes - A great way to take your app to the next level is to implement Guards, which are interfaces that protect routes and grant access based on defined permissions.

Create your own pipe in Angular 8

4 minutes - Angular pipes are a way to write display-value transformations that you can declare in your HTML template.

Reactive forms: guide to FormArray

6 minutes - Discussing a peculiar creation: a FormArray, exposed by Angular Reactive Forms. We’ll learn when and how to use it, both in the component and in the template.

Preload Angular modules on demand

4 minutes - 53% of the users are going to leave your page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

RxJS in-depth: GitHub repo ‘utils’ directory review

6 minutes - RxJS is quite a popular library in Angular world so for me it is always interesting to find out something new about its internals.

More tutorials:


Makefiles for frontend

4 minutes - While npm scripts are built-in and work well for a variety of situations, there are times when another task runner might make more sense.

Nx 8.12: distributed caching and more

6 minutes - Nx is a set of extensible dev tools for monorepos, which we developed at Nrwl based on our experience working at Google.

Downsize your monorepo with sparse-checkout

4 minutes - Git 2.25.0 includes a new experimental git sparse-checkout command that makes the existing feature easier to use, along with some important performance benefits for large repositories.

More tooling:


How you can help Angular in 2020

4 minutes - 2020 is the year you can help the Angular ecosystem thrive.

5 reasons for doing micro front-ends

8 minutes - By now most people have heard about this microfrontends thing. After microservices this seems to be the next target for decoupling large systems.

Top reasons why your Angular app is slow

8 minutes - Is your app slow? Learn what to watch out for when debugging poor performance in your Angular app.

Visualizing memory management in V8 Engine

11 minutes - Let us take a look at how the V8 engine for JavaScript & WebAssembly manages memory for Browsers and NodeJS.


Practice makes perfect when it comes to RxJS

Duration: 38 minutes

Micro front-ends in practice: 1 shell to rule them all

Duration: 66 minutes

The past, present and future of JavaScript engines

Duration: 28 minutes

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